Rene Magritte-Surrealist art and paintings

Also known by his other names as Francois Ghislain, Rene Magritte was a renowned Belgian surrealist painter. He gained popularity for some very witty and quite thought provoking pictorials. His paintings serve to challenge the observers’ already preconditioned perceptions regarding reality. Rene Magritte-Surrealist art and paintings are a must consider for all art lovers.

He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. He once pointed out that art by itself represents a union suggesting the fundamental mystery behind the earth’s very beginnings. Rene noted that all form of art isn’t by any means an end by its own but a relative means by which such mystery can be evoked all to the better.

The artist’s work generally displays some form of juxtaposition relaying ordinary components within an atypical context and in the process relaying quite new meanings over to otherwise familiar aspects. His entire surrealist work collection is purposely used to amplify objects in a form different from what is typically represented in real life, giving a second perspective to objects that were once just seen as common.

One of his most popular works is known as Apple whereby he painted a fruit within some realistic context then used up a significant internal framework component which gave the fruit a very different context other than what is originally seen.

Rene Magritte-Surrealist art and paintings are much more representational as compared to the more automatic approach used by artists like Joan Miro. His use of quite ordinary objects within unfamiliar settings is represented by his real desire to fashion poetic imagery within the context of art as is the case. Some scholars have pointed out that poetry of the artist’s image work finely dispenses with whichever symbolic implication all of which may either be old or quite contemporary. Magritte once pointed out that the main idea behind his creations was to evoke as much mystery as can be.

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The Business of Selling Art Online

A lot of people these days do business online, and it’s not jut selling electronics or clothing, they also started to sell art online. The business of selling art online is flourishing and if you need to sell art, this is clearly the way to go. However, as it might seem simple, and it is, you need to take a couple of precautions first.

The most important aspect is to not pay for a personal website. One that is cheap will surely be awkward and difficult to use, and a decent one costs quite a bit of money. So, forget about having a site of your own, at least until you are certain that the business provides with the profit levels you are hoping for.

Instead of having your own site you can easily create a blog, which is free, to start presenting with your art pieces to possible buyers. Blogs are easy to maintain, easy to work with and provide with lots of features to help you sell your art. It is very important to look for a blogging community that is focusing on art related subjects. This way, you can be certain that there will always be potential buyers right around the corner.

The business of selling art online requires a very interesting presentation for your art pieces. Simple photos will not do, so make sure that you insert some pictures taken during the making process and a short clip made professionally should also help a lot. The most important part of the presentation is of course the text you write for each piece. This short written description should help any potential buyer understand what they are looking at. Some people might just be getting into art and they will appreciate this detailed description.

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About Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Art Crime Unit

These days people tend to steal everything, from cars, to money and even art pieces. In fact, art theft alone seems to be a business worth more than 6 billion dollars a year in the United States alone. So, because of this, there is the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Art Crime Unit.

They are not focusing on physical art theft alone, they are also focusing on identifying frauds and scams that art sellers are trying to perform. For example, there are a lot of very well made, but fake, art pieces that are passing hands for the money that only the original would be worth. That, in its’ own, can be catalogued as theft and is punishable under federal law. So, if you plan on investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even more, in any type of art piece, make sure that you first have it tested properly to ensure it is the real thing. While the fake ones that are made very well are worth some money as well, they are not even close to the amount that the original is worth.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Art Crime Unit has managed to return almost 30 percent of the art pieces that were stolen over the last 5 years to their rightful owners. This amounts to almost 1 billion dollars worth of paintings, statues and other important art pieces. However, they are making an appeal to anyone that is buying or selling expensive art pieces to verify and make sure that the art pieces they are trading are not or have not ever been stolen. For this, the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Art Crime Unit has a list of all the art pieces that have been declared stolen for you to check.

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Sfumato Technique - Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings

About Sfumato Technique - Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting technique is very unique and is regarded as one of the very best in the world. When compared to his contemporaries, the painting technique looks at least 200 years ahead of its’ time and certainly makes a difference when comparing the end results. A group of researchers have recently been able to study the Mona Lisa and detect virtually every stroke that the genius left on the canvas. This helped them understand how the painting technique worked and how it managed to produce the stunning results that all of us know and appreciate.

The technique is still unique to this day and is known as the Sfumato technique. The most prominent practitioner of Sfumato Technique was Leonardo da Vinci, and his famous painting of the Mona Lisa and displays all the advantages of the technique in this marvellous piece of art. It involves very thin layers of paint applied one on top of the other to achieve the stunning realism that all of Leonardo’s works provide. Also, it is very unusual for a painter to apply that many layers in one area of the painting alone. Usually, the colors are mixed to a specific shade before being applied to the canvas, yet Leonardo mixed the shades according to the rest of the painting using this technique.

Even though Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting technique offers stunning results, few people can actually handle it properly because of the complexity it provides. Unless you are a very talented painter, this technique is not for you. Think of it as a display with a lot of small pixels. That is what Leonardo’s technique involved, several small strokes of the brush in one area to achieve the perfect balance of color and detail.

The interesting fact about this Sfumato technique is that it appears Leonardo did not develop it since studying his other works reveals the same amount of detail. It is believed that this painting technique was born when the genius was born, so that it was imprinted in his brain.

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About New York Academy of Art -

While it may sound like a government Academy, it is all but that. The New York Academy of Art ( is a private, non-profit, individually founded Academy that provides with some of the best education in the area of arts. It is also one of the newest schooling institutions in the area having been established in 1982 by a group of people led by Andy Warhol, a famous printmaker, filmmaker and painter. Unfortunately, Mr. Andy Warhol passed only 5 years after the establishment of the New York Academy of Art. However, his spirit and imagination is kept alive by hundreds of student each year.

There are mainly two parts of the New York Academy of Art. One would be directed towards those that want to continue studying after having completed an Art college or university, and the other one takes the path of a degree type education. In any case, if you are worried about it not being recognized by possible employers, you should worry no more. The New York Academy of Art is recognized nation wide and we are certain that there will be employers abroad that will recognize it when hiring.

Also, because the New York Academy of Art - www nyaa edu - is a non-profit schooling and educational organization, the courses are free and funded by charity, donations and sponsorship from different individuals and companies. So, if you are interested in learning about modern art and techniques, including filming techniques, photography and much more, the New York Academy of Art is the place to be. It is well known in the United States and any potential employer will actually appreciate it on your resume. Yes, it is not required, but if you graduate from the New York Academy of Art, you will certainly be one step ahead of the competition.

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Art Prints Buying

When it comes to enhancing a special room in house, artist paintings can do so much to give that little touch that can make the difference. When we think of renowned masters of painting some great names comes to mind like Van Gogh or Matisse, to name just a few. Forget the original for sure, but you should consider Painting prints. Those painting prints can surely bring style and beauty to your special room. You must expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $1000 without the frame and more for popular painting of renowned artist. You might also want to consider an original painting from a local artist.

Did you know that Internet has made it easier for you to find good quality printing? You will find online some well known and secure art galleries. Those websites have online catalogue that you can navigate easily through category and genre.

Here’s a list of good Art Prints Online:

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The Business of Art - Efficient Online Marketing Strategies

The Business of Art - Efficient marketing strategies for your online business. The aim of any business venture is to make profits. This can only be achieved by through the marketing of the business products to give it the exposure that it needs. A good art product is of no worth if potential clients or customers have no idea that it exists in the first place. It is also important that you know how to get to the target audience. To start off, an online art business should have a graphic designer who is highly skilled and has expertise in target art marketing. Hiring a web design team that is highly skilled gives the art company an opportunity to be the service provider that is best web hosting. Any company offering the best product or service and does not incorporate an online strategy is bound to have dismal results. 

To have a successful art online business, one should incorporate marketing strategies such as custom art Web Design, SEO or Link Building. These should boost the company ahead of its competitors. It is important for one to go for the best web design that also incorporates the spirit of the corporation. They should shop around for the web design companies that come with agenius idea on how the design of the art business website will reflect the "image" of the company. And in art, image is important.

Other efficient marketing strategies for your business of art online include link building. The strategy’s goal is to establish relevant and quality links to related entrepreneur’s website. This ranks the website higher in the search engines as it drives the target audience to go to the site. It is necessary for the company to be famous to many people. Entrepreneurs should also try out wide range of marketing strategies so as to establish which campaign is effective and which one is not. As a matter of fact, all the marketing campaigns done should go to a link that leads to the marketing company’s website. It is important that one finds out about any new marketing strategy before trying it out. It is required that one observes the details pertaining to a marketing strategy so as to determine which one works and which one does not.


Facts about Edouard Manet

Édouard Manet was a notorious French painter of 19th century. Manet was a member of a noble family where his father was a government officer. When Manet completed his education, he failed to succeed in becoming a naval officer. Manet perfected his painting skills by undergoing training. He traveled to various places such as Germany, Italy and Australia to see different art collections. Manet started being involved in controversial paintings. He would paint various Spanish subjects. Apart from the paintings of the Spanish subjects, he also had painting with themes of social scenes.

Basically, some facts about Edouard Manet is that he was a painter though sometimes a controversial one. There was an Olympia painting made by Manet that caused a lot of scandal. The painting was having a woman who was lying naked on the bed. This painting caused a lot of public outcry because of the nudity. These paintings made a turning point from the traditional painting to the modern painting. People started emphasizing on the process by which a good painting was created. Manet has been recognized as the initiator of the modern painting.

Manet would have different themes in his paintings. He would create paintings of city scenes, beach scenery and outdoor subjects. The paintings had brushstrokes and a bolder that was made using light colors. Manet would make an impression of white and black contrast. His paintings were clearly distinguished as they had vibrant strokes. Manet is the person who made French art to have a great reputation. Each of the paintings was based on a certain subject matter. The paintings had a close contact with the current occurrences. Edouard Manet died in 1883 but left a great reputation in his painting work.

Buying Art on line

If there is something that can be quite interesting as well as challenging is buying art on line. An artist can generate a lot of income by selling products online. The good thing about the internet is that it is accessed by people from all over the world. Artworks are effective at improving your interior décor. It is important to know that the painting should be more than acting like a decorative item. There are some people who keep a collection of arts as a hobby. Others will do it because they are interested in painting.

It is important to know that buying art on line can be an investment. This is because a simple painting that could have cost you a few dollars might cost a lot more some years later. There are many people who are involving in art collection. This is because people have realized the benefits of having paintings. Sometimes, you can pick the paintings that you are attracted to. However, you should bear in mind that you might require selling the paintings in order to make profits. Art has got a strong connection that makes the collectors attracted to it. The connection is something that makes the painting to have a strong value.

If you want to make cash from artwork, it is recommended that you should purchase the paintings from reputable dealers. You should go for high quality paintings that are produced by reputable artists. There are several benefits of purchasing artwork on the internet. One of the benefits is the fact that you will have several paintings to choose from. You can go to several websites and look at the different collections they have to offer. It is important to ensure that the paintings are original. You should compare the prices of the painting so that you can go for the paintings that are within your budget standards.

Who was Camille Pissarro ?

The simple answer to who was Camille Pissarro is that he was a painter. His full names were Jacob Camille Abraham Pissarro. He was an icon to many people such as Cezanne and Gauguin. The parents of Pissarro were a Spanish mother Rachel and a Portuguese dad Abraham. Pissarro was born in Virgin Island. He undertook his education in Paris. Pissarro had a passion in painting which made him pursue his dream after completion of the formal education. Pissarro and Fritz made a tour when he was 22 which inspired him into the creative painting. At this time, the main obstacle that Pissarro was facing was that he did not have formal training in art techniques.

When Pissarro went back to Paris, he enrolled in an art school. While in the school, Pissarro was influenced by other artists such as Corot Courbet and Jean Camille. Camille Pissarro’s paintings were greatly influenced by Corot. During the year 1859, Pissarro was admitted to an exhibition academy which made him have a source of income. He attended several training where he bonded with other painter such as Cezanne and Monet. This marked the beginning of courtship with the maid of his mum, Julie. The two got married in 1871. It is amazing that the couple had six kids whereby two of them became painters just like the father.

Pissarro improved his painting skills with time. The duration ranging from 1866 to 1868, Pissarro was painting at Pontoise. He would incorporate the environmental beauty of the place in his paintings. Some years later he moved to another village in France. However, this affected his work negatively especially during the war of Franco-Prussian. His work was facing numerous challenges until he was introduced to an art dealer by Daubigny (his associate). From the information, you can now tell exactly who was Camille Pissarro.